— Why Choose Us?

Tailored to you

We provide a full Amenities solution, suited to your Guest’s Lodging needs.

With Local Production: 100% of our hotel amenities are finished in Philippines.


Our products have a contemporary, timeless design that can be customised and complement your preferred designs and layouts.

Expertly blended

Natural aromatic extracts and skin-conditioning ingredients deliver a superior sensorial experience.

Fast Produced yet sustainable

We’ve traveled all over the country to find the best lodging experience that you can offer to you guests without sacrificing sustainability.


We are a competitive hotel Amenities supplier serviced by our partners and production line in Asia. — With our President’s 20+ years of global experience in the printing business compliments our trade along the years of servicing the Philippine Market. Our dedicated teams are based around the Country, delivering outstanding customer service standards on time and with a personal approach.


All our materials used are 100% recyclable.

Made from 100% bio degradable materials. Supporting nature by reducing our footprint. It is essential that we commit to saving our planet. At Seven Goodluck Stars, this campaign has always been our mind set.


Our preservatives are legally permitted in cosmetic products worldwide and are included to ensure that products are safe to use and to prevent product deterioration.

We Care

Industries thrive, developing rapidly to build the foundation of our Economy. Equipment and Production Devices play a major role in choosing the right path. We chose to go the direction away from using fossil fuel. Our electric operated Production machines are the answer to a Clean and Green Environment

Production Line

Our sequenced and synchronized programs give us the ability to draw the line of expectation with our state-of-the-art production facilities. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service to deliver the best possible results.  Our flexibility combined with efficiency and reliability makes us stand out over our competitors.

We cater to both small-scale and large-scale inquiries. With our experience, our established processes and our well-trained operators, we can deliver results half the time without jeopardizing quality.

At Seven Goodluck Stars, "We Commit our Promise"