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Regale Luxury Selection

This is not your “regular” regular because it contains top-of-the-line shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream and soap. The toothbrush has sturdy and high-quality handles and has soft bristles. It also includes a high-quality shower cap, sewing kit and container tubes made of top-quality materials.

These exquisite products are made with top-quality materials that place Regale above from all the rest. Enter a whole new experience of luxury with our wide range of Regale product line, perfectly crafted for elegance - a quality beyond compare!

Regale ECO

Support Environmental Advocacies with Regale Eco Guest Kit. The packaging is made with recyclable Kraft paper. It has simple, yet detailed and clean printing. The kit includes top-quality hygiene amenities:

  • A soap made of top-quality materials and organic composition (oatmeal). It has a high-end scent guaranteed to be pleasing for all guests and visitors;
  • A shampoo with top-quality composition offering better softness and better scent suited for various types of hair;
  • A toothpaste that has a pleasing flavor which seems to adjust to all taste buds; and
  • A toothbrush that has a soft sharp design made of carbon materials. The toothbrush handle’s and toothpaste tube’s main materials are made of compressed paper micro dust and bio-degradable adhesive.


Includes standard and functional basic hotel guest amenities. Products included in the kit have regular quality and standard fresh scents. It comes in a packaging which has regular printing quality. The materials are of regular but of sturdy quality. The tubes come in a sleek clean, regular and refreshing transparent design. Simple, basic, but highly functional.

If you are looking for affordable yet quality product line, Wherewithal is your choice. The product line is a very good example of a product that defines “purpose as a standard”. It is simple, functional and budget-friendly. This product line is our answer to those looking for “as is where is” products which are mostly basic and on-the-go hotel essentials.

Hotel Slippers

Not your usual hotel slippers! It offers better comfort and quality. The slippers we offer are made of high-quality pellon material. Its cotton component is higher than paper – making it sturdier and more durable. It will surely ease the tiredness of the feet with its comfortable design. The slippers are sewed and carefully done in an automatic and multi-functioned sewing machine.

Personalized Option Goods

If you want a personalized set customized to your preference, we offer several options for you. From paper box quality, packing, tubes, print quality, even to scents. You can choose from various options made available to suit your style and preference. From regular to high-end scents, from simple to elaborate designs, from ordinary to special materials, from standard to customized, in big or smaller sizes, we have options and choices for you.

We make high quality end products with the aid of high-end, programable and automated machines for printing. We have pad printer, tube printer, silkscreen printer, hot stamping, laminating machines. We are also equipped with slitters, automated filling conveyors, pneumatic wrapping machines, and ultrasonic tube sealing facilities.



This new amenity tool selection aims to eliminate wasted liquid and packaging which are both environmentally and financially costly. We aim for simplicity yet quality products. It has various designs and qualities to suit your needs. We have dispensers made from the top-of-the-line materials to dispenser made from 304 quality stainless steel.