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SEVEN GOODLUCK STARS GROUP OF COMPANIES. An Institution to the Trade. Pioneering the industry in Printing, Packaging and Manufacturing. A direct Importer, granted by the BOC with CCN N0:IM0008100535. Our facilities are state of the art with full Industrial capacity that caters to all your guest lodging needs. With over 12 years of experience in Europe and 7 years in the local market like Manila, Cebu, Boracay, Angeles City, Baguio, Bohol, Palawan, Mindoro.

We bring European standards, innovation and technology to the Philippine market and all our raw materials are imported from Europe. With our competitive branding and suggestive concept. Seven GoodLuck Stars has launched the campaign towards Green Earth Drive with our ECO- Friendly product selection.

Our Designer has worked for the largest designing studios in Europe. Production technologist come to us with 12 years of experience. They have developed systems for SEVEN GOODLUCK STARS which has given efficiency in Production cost of up to 50%. Because of that we can afford lower prices with the high level of workmanship towards excellent quality.

Why is it worth partnering with us?


Given our ISO product compliance and FDA certified capacity, One of our Company BuyMed can accommodate to all our cosmetic needs that has these requisites. Granted LTO No:RDI-RIII-DS-4114. BuyMed was established 22nd April 2016. Hence forth has started catering our clients with FDA certified cosmetics.

SEVEN GOODLUCK STARS would like to Thank all our valued clients,for the support that we managed to increase our staff for the past 4 years which reaching 30 highly trained and motivated employees only for the Philippines. Never the less you already have a supplier, it is always a good idea to review the new trends in the world market presented by our Professional Sales staff without any obligations. We understand the unique procurement requirements of each of our customers and strive to offer and supply them sophisticated design and packaging products.


Commitment, Integrity, Reliability


Enticing to perfection our means to build rapport. Direct and surpass obstacles of the trade. With the simplest view of the Horizon. Satisfying our Clients with Quality and Value of service. Driven by our commitment with the concept of nature.

"Our Promise, Our Commitment"

Request for Presentation

Please feel free to ask for a presentation in your office or Come Visit us. You are most WELCOME to our head office where you can see the full list of products and services that we provide.